Я михаил и я алкоголик
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    Я михаил и я алкоголик

    Mikhail "The Pot" Gorsheniov (Russian: Михаил "Горшок" Горшенёв, full name given at birth – Михаил Юрьевич Горшенёв; 1973–2013) was a lead singer and composer of Russian horror punk/hard rock band Korol i Shut (The King and the Jester).



    Gorsheniov formed the band in 1988 with his classmates. Soon after that, he invited his friend Andrei Kniazev (also known as The Prince) to join the band. Knyazev would become the second singer and the main lyricist. The band's music consisted of various elements of punk rock, hard rock, art rock and gothic rock. Korol i Shut went on to become a number one rock band in Russia. They were the most successful and well-known Russian punk and hard rock act of the decade (2001–2011). The band had many nominations for most every Russian music award and won almost all of them. Mikhail also worked in theater and had a lot of collaborations with other Russian rock musicians.[1]

    Mikhail was largely known for his menacing and sinister stage appearance. For a long time he had almost no upper teeth (he lost them by the age of 10). By the beginning of the 21st century he had only two fangs in his upper jaw and it made him look like a vampire or demon. Later Gorsheniov began to use dentures.

    Gorsheniov had admitted to being a longtime drug addict and heroin user.[2] His unsuccessful struggle with his addiction caused his death on 19 July 2013 of heart failure due to alcoholic cardiomyopathy, as one source attributed it to a drug relapse.[3] According to his wishes, he was cremated in Saint Petersburg and his ashes buried in Bogoslovskoe cemetery of the city.

    Personal life[edit]

    Gorsheniov was married twice and had a daughter from his second marriage.


    With Korol i Shut:

    Solo albums:

    2005 – I'm Alcoholic Anarchist ("Я алкоголик-анархист")


    1. ^ Evgenia Libabova "And the living ones will sing about dead" (И живые споют про мертвецов) – authorized biography of Korol i Shut
    2. ^ Ilya Stogoff "Greshniki" (The Sinners), St. Petersburg, 2007
    3. ^ Mikhail Gorsheniov died of drug overdose
    Name Gorsheniov, Mikhail
    Alternative names
    Short description Russian punk rocker
    Date of birth 7 August 1973
    Place of birth Boxitogorsk, USSR
    Date of death 19 July 2013
    Place of death Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

    Источник: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Gorsheniov


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