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    22.01.2016 Домашние задание по украинскому 5 класс по новым книгам автор заболотний

    02.01.2016 Клиники глазных болезней в гомеле

    02.01.2016 Снизить кислотность в желудке народные способы


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    Лазер так адреналин

    Adrenaline X Laser Tag

    Fun for all ages!

    Adrenaline X offers rookie courses for players who are 6-10 years old.

    Tactical Laser Tag Games

    Adrenaline X offers awesome laser tag games in both our Waterloo course and our Clear Lake course.

    Awesome Game Modes:

    We offer awesome objective & team based game modes that include capturing positions, defusing bombs, and plain old death matches. Plenty of fun to go around!

    Fun For Everyone:

    We have courses for kids too! Kids 6+ can play on our rookie course where you are given lighter guns with 2 grips. Perfect for kids playing tactical laser tag!

    The Best Equptment:

    We use high-tech state of the art equipment ranging from awesome guns, cool props like the suitcase bomb, and awesome ways to capture objectives!

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    Come Play at These Locations!

    Источник: http://adrenalinexparty.com/


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